Some Kinda Shame


Loved in days of school

Heard walking the City today

An old flame on fire

Conditional desire, he says

Don’t come over here

Living near me

A better woman than seen

Would blame new crowds he’s in

But his partner ain’t new

Neither are the views

He’s been holding since turning 18

Fool me once shame on you

Fool me twice damn our time

And what he used to be

He thinks hate is the same

As opened eyes

Settling on an ideology

Well worn and outta date


As history creates new narratives

I hope in the future his past does become

A foreign country he can’t remember coming from

And the mirror crack’d shows a prismatic refection

Of the possibilities of possibilities of possibilities


And not the dot to dot colour by numbers

Arranged by the so called strength of his peers

       & Instead feels the start of

                                 a new wave 

                                        of a new part

                                                   on a new path

        Which comes from

                               the Showing of Some Kinda Shame



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