I Don’t Normally Speak Like This

Take out the idea

Shoot it through glass

It shatters

                     But the cracks continue into plans

                     Down there you’ll be admired

                 Down there you’ll be something to aspire to


Take out the sniper in the tower

Shoot him with a shard of glass

                          The cracks are starting to appear

                      You’ve no plan at all— have you? have you?

Up there you’ll be seen as just another observer

Up there you’ll seem like you’re on the reserve team


Clip on your best neck tie

Clip in another round of bullets

Screw on the silencer

Time to resort back to violence

Venom’s in your veins

You’re riding without reigns

               This is one mean mission improbable

                      If executed like we said

                   Tomorrow I’ll take you out to breakfast

                And we’ll target the next on the list


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