Expression From Arousal (Sync It Up)

…I guess I don’t like that kinda personal stuff, where you get self-indulgent, and talk about friends and enemies, and I don’t like how it doesn’t rhyme, yeah no rhyming’s weird, and you say too little with too many words, and why shoulda…. why shoulda talk colloquially, when the Queen’s English is God-given and should be enough to express how you… I…. we… feel, yeah, the way we all feel from time to time…

Syncing up ain’t about seeing what’s in your face/

                 It’s about tying together the ultra-invisible/

With fragile cosmic threads that pull us/

                              To a destiny we may have not known/

Was always ready & waiting for us in the aether/

… these things we should not talk about, they’re too big to comprehend, to really get our heads around, to really think about without keeping us up all night and worry until existential despair weighs so heavy, we never sleep again…


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