Blck Pppr & Slt // paid in kind

Black pepper on an open wound

Salt rubbed into 12-inch grooves

theatrically leaving here

                      Exit, pursued by a bear

FBI looking into neighbourhood watch

Ambulance chasers tripping on the beach

Waving away moths from a flame

Lap dancers quickly sliding away

The blind and I have too much to hide

then you

then you

then you and your fluffer

                      Enter with a dragon under each arm


then You?

                  wrapped in plastic

then You?

                   trapped in amber

then You?

                  lost in emotion

then You?

                   now it’s all caved in

                   and you’ve missed your final goal


I never sold out

Because I never got in

I can’t be arrested

Because I have no I.D.

Never been tested

They can’t get at my blood

Money I’ve invested

Lost in the flood

Can’t catch no disease

I was born antiseptic

In vain

Out of shame

False Pseudonym

Fake Alias

Stolen identity

Nicked name

Now I’m out of the closet

What do I do?

Should I help the others?

But why should I?

They never helped me

Never helped me

and You?

tearing up the contract

as we speak


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