TLC or Tender Loving Care or This Life Continued…  

Toxic lips and venomous hips

Cancer sits up and lets it rip

White cotton sheets stand to attention

I’m in remission even though it feels like detention

Reading till my eyes are sore

Bleeding lids close like trap doors

The character arc I have chosen for me

Is one where I am inwardly free

But on the outside choose to show

Imprisonment is the true reality

And these four walls ironically

Hold the key for the door in front of me

Next after this short intermission… The Cloven Hooves Chronicles

But now:

As Good as Read as Dead

This ain’t gonna be an easy read

Red with danger until I get paid

Details will be left out to avoid red faces

Li’l Red Devils trickling out of all the dark places

Remember red is symbolic because of blood

I recently read the best camouflage is human mud

my keyboard is on fire—a faulty electrical wire—I stand still—so the songs move along— the movie is its own soundtrack—to cut it out so far into the process would be wrong

as good as dead

as good as red

as skinny as you can be

when you’re well fed

and now, as previously mentioned… 

TCHC or The Clo-Ho-Chro or The Cloven Hooves Chronicles 

You circle like a vulture around your own career

Moving closer to the centre— you’re an outsider all the same

You dig in a little deeper and end up miles away

You’re afraid of your own shadow

Though you sleep beside it every night

Only the lonely knows the company you keep

Only the breathless have lungs overflowing with air

Fucked and tamed

Forked tale, forked tongue

For resistance is puerile

That’s how I measure today

I’m 23 on the 22nd

And I can’t breathe

Like you

And I can’t sleep

Like you do

And I can’t move the bodies from the car to the grave

Not like you did, not like you did that Tuesday night

The last time, together, we ever had


2 Responses to “TLC or Tender Loving Care or This Life Continued…  ”

  1. Poetry enlarged! Thank you for reading my blogs.

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