Can Satan be Saved? (Creativity is a Cruel Mistress)

Don’t want to bring in the new

Don’t want to bring in the old

I don’t want to be on offer

I don’t want to be sold

Ain’t up to be traded in

Not here to be swapped for gold

I don’t want to be on the menu

I don’t want to be dished up as desert

Don’t want to be your obvious everything

That you hold so tightly I cannot breathe

Hoping to rid yourself of all past sins

And the darkness emanating from within

Not here to philosophise

Don’t have no Platonic ideal

Not here to learn the Antigone of Sophocles

Or take on the labours of Heracles

Won’t see through the Eyes of Tiresias

Just wanna hold the hand of Mephistopheles

Tell him that one day it’ll all be alright

Just lying right into his God damned face

On days like this I’d appreciate a little warmth

But the sun has journeyed away far to soon

Joined the planets into another’s satellite

Incoming light now must come from the moon

Now, I ask you

 As I ask all my prey

Can Beelzebub make up for what he has done?

Can Pan lay down his pipes and whistle another tune?

Can the Devil stop his devil may care

And begin to think about how other’s feel?

Can Lucifer extinguish his ever-lasting light?

Can Satan be saved on this cold, dark night?

Can any of us be trusted to get it right?

When Gods and Monsters do not exist

And stop the fight we bring to ourselves

Where with invention we can begin to resist?

As pure ideas collide with inborn negativity

Can our demons ever truly be slayed?

Can Satan ever be truly, really, heavenly saved?



let us say


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