me ‘n em

Took Meow Meow, am now slanging on the forums

Don’t be flippant, girlfriend, it’s the only droning I know

                                                           Login to register

                                                       I promise you some fun

                                                        You’ll be a superstar

                                                     And learn how to fire a gun

We’ll float along on a pea green board

                                                      And take over the digi-CCC

They’ll be rough times surfing the net

                                         But at least video piracy will be legal finally

We’ll join up the dots and colour in a friend

                      There’ll be fish for tea every night

                                         And we’ll blow back white static wind

If water is infinity and I’m the setting sun

                        Then the horizon is a peak to reach

                                          Where I can regress into my turtle shell

I hope you can sleep tonight knowing still waters dig deep down deep

I’ll be away for the weekend to feed my M-Cat need

White magic frosting on an ocean bed

Float to the top of the world

Only crabsticks and

Lobster claws

Are strong

Enough to

Stir my




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