Satanic Tourism

  Hey, you three at the back, two in the middle

                              and Lonely Joe at the front

My name is Lucifer and I care about your future

I worry about your welfare and what the papers say

I want to be the Light-Bringer and brighten up your day

I believe the best way to educate oneself is to be a tourist

                                           and get out as much as you can

   From Hell to Hades, from out of the frying pan into the fire

                                               and back into the frying pan

Just as long as you feel the burn and get a damn good tan

If you’re unmotivated, listless and just don’t care at all

Don’t worry I’ll give you a dressing down and a lashing

                                            with my forked tongue

Singed eyebrows, torn clothes and burnt hair are

                                       all part of the fiery fun

And if none of that sounds like you, I can direct

                                      you the opposite way

Up there sitting on a cloud, singing harmony

              with angels, upon the right of He

But believe it when I say it true—you wont

have half as much fun as you will with me


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