Worm Food

Up my sleeve is a very old man with an even older promise

He’ll shake the shirt, let out the dirt and take you to a tunnel

‘This is the way out,’ he’ll say; but his sneaky eyes will betray

that within you is the

                      True Exit

Bullied flesh ‘tween knife and fork

Pulled skin tastes of fatted pork

Middle finger towards barbeque hell

Heaven promises to treat you well

But its feeding you up for the cannibals

We’re worm food

            Energy released

We’re worm food

             Patent’s deceased

We’re worm food

              Invention decreased

Worms are nutritious

              Blueprints tease what would be could be should be

Balanced diet

               bbbbrrrrrrr! Fap!! fap!!—newsreel ends

pilot’s licence—lost tropically

pilot flight—last of his kind

pilot’s kite— seen overhead

pilot light—over and out


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