Dentures for Vampires

Fast cars

A man on mars


I got SARS

I had a crush on the gal who writes the reports

Wish I’d been there before she sent it to H.R.

Knock on wood, they gotta be invited in

                                         Scratching on glass—

                                                         sitting on the window sill

Stein’s got his obsessions—

                                        he’s letting the Bad Batch lactate

                                        on office goods

                                        the black belch, no respect from 50 plus up

Me an’ m’ Merman murders my memory of memes (transient)

Electronic bush- whackers brings all viruses to the yard (translucent)

Juicy Gills on flat lips and I’m love sucked in

                                  Instead of bitten at

Into a l’goon— skanky dank black ‘goon

Liquid lizard eyes say we’re nothing but the simple folk

                                                  Night whistles off the day

                                                       (we thank on high)

We met in a coma, it continued through the WKND

After helplessness for 48 hours

Ineptitudes are compost for a relationship

Baggage we can grow

Cut down— Trim— Tidy up

Won’t let it get outta control again

Sensibly seasonal

Climb trees next to home

Cut them down when deemed impractical

Or open both hands and let shared seeds go


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