Spit Into The Wind

      Look up Moon-Dog

        Barking at the stars

            Snake of Saturn as head-dress

            Cloak as standard with collar raised up high

             Hazy halo redeems what you’ve done

               Choke on old chicken bird’s bones

                 No wing

                 No prayer

                 Nothing to declare

Or thus mustly/ Or must thusly??:

That when caught in a gaze

   It is over compensating

  Heavy critique is a violation

  Heavy metal

       Violence is golden

           Silence is older

Before paraphernalia

         A rock came a’calling

Share not a name but good will

             Not food but ground down dust

The sun as an enemy

              The moon something worse

  Flickering meteorites

                 Bass drum matter

  Roll up the Universe’s sleeves

              And place a Galaxy’s hands together

Praying in the 4th dimension

         Means we’ll meet downwind cosmically

             Even if I must soften the landing

                 By sprinkling sparkle dust liberally


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