Look kids– fun times, fun times!

Riding on the back of rage

Sentence been passed

         but not on the same page

Script doctor’s in my house

Course correct the whole franchise

Scalpel cuts out my favourite lines

I’ll be head writer given some time

Nostalgia as capitalism’s honeytrap

A celluloid democracy caught in a nap

// you’ll be fine // pitch a plan // golden age to silver screen time //

I feel a deal’s been done with the dealer who feels they’ve been done to

turned upside down


inside out, twisted up


screwed around a while



fucked me because I signed on

the dotted line…………………………

when I should’ve just stopped a while to take time

to find out why it was I that they

had in mind at that time

and all the while

snorted lines

stabbing scabs

shooting up

in the line of fire

no one wants to know your opinion

on Kafka

// the edge is fine // pitch a plan // golden age to silver screen

nothing’s in concrete // everything’s to play // as long as you have

something original to say //


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