Swimming in Treacle (Sexism Throughout the Years)

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Pornography never

                        Stays with you

Models w/ hypochondria

                       Judge themselves not fit

To work alongside birds of a

                        Feather who fuck together

She is him; and confusingly

                         everyone is beginning to

Understand he is them

                         How many apostles fit in a

cave? How many want out? How do they stay sane?

                                  With the lord on tenterhooks

       the wires are bound to snap

              (broadly speaking, but not speaking about broads)

If I am with she and she is in me, we’re monologuing

             About erotica for all, not just perverts and priests

As if there’s any difference my discrimination can see

On this Day I Realised the Environment was in Crisis

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Dear March Madness,

I am here but forget

Excuse me for I have nothing to say

I know not of the shut-in or why I’ve reached out to you.

Yours respectfully, sincerely, gracefully, and with love


Sarah’s First Poem

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My Sharona, My Girl Friday, My Darling Clementine

ain’t got nothing on you—ain’t got nothing on us

                                          because you’re not mine

you’re Sarah, we dine in, no take out or taking it on the chin

                                               we ate our own hearts and liver

                                         we dive in

you don’t recognise me, I put that down as a near win

                                    I make my home through propped up chairs

the pier cracks, holds its own and shuts off the bay

Oh Boy, Overwhelm Me, Hold Me Down, Among The Giants, On Our Knees

                          there are too many poem titles to choose from

                                        so Sarah will take her time

eraser’s edge in an elevator (xxy/yxx)

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no I.P./

you are not intellectual property/

your head is bigger than

the silver screen/ and for folks

with the golden ticket/

that’s O.K.

no-one plus nothing is forever a special sum

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if depression is the opposite

of compression, then

I am always open for business

adding up all the pluses and minuses 

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A picture paints 999 words

A photo takes that number away

A sculpt protects the skull’s backdoor

A pirouette adds together folk with lore

Gaks and nabs int’ trees do spin

Nymphettes do hurt the pleasure soon to be

These are tales to tell your offspring

These are stories of how we used to swing

                               Failed drinker

                        A reveller in recovery

The partisan artisan believes not in the product but its placement

Thematic variations on what it is to be

      Generally— feel like a soldier

                  While animalistic, I’m still a pacifist

       Specifically— a poet warrior with decorum

         No teeth & too much hair for a samurai here

We’ll wash off the smudges and reapply in fine refined lines

       & re-appropriate what was always hiding deep, deep down

                    To join in with others bend back and limbo

         Means you have a stick above your head and not a halo


23 Cats (Portrait of an Outsider Artist)

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Had 23 cats

A colour coded chart on the wall

Telling me when they sat on my lap

1975 onwards the cats started to die out

Chart was needed no more

So, like a collapsed rainbow it lay on the floor

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