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Swimming in Treacle (Sexism Throughout the Years)

Posted in poetry with tags , , on July 13, 2017 by malartart

Pornography never

                        Stays with you

Models w/ hypochondria

                       Judge themselves not fit

To work alongside birds of a

                        Feather who fuck together

She is him; and confusingly

                         everyone is beginning to

Understand he is them

                         How many apostles fit in a

cave? How many want out? How do they stay sane?

                                  With the lord on tenterhooks

       the wires are bound to snap

              (broadly speaking, but not speaking about broads)

If I am with she and she is in me, we’re monologuing

             About erotica for all, not just perverts and priests

As if there’s any difference my discrimination can see


My Learned Colleague Is Closer Than I Thought

Posted in poetry with tags , , , on October 24, 2015 by malartart

‘I have read all the books in my library

And the only thing I learnt from them is this:

I have too many books’

Kiss Nosferatu on his teeth

Ask him where your blood he’ll keep

Fish for compliments & invite him to compare

His last victim’s eyes to your blank stare

Make love not war

Stake out his den

And wait for the light

Smack him down & watch him shake

Till the sunrise shines on him

And seals his fate

If I’ve written this poem before I whole heartedly apologise

If I can’t get my heart started, I’ve died

If I’m repeating myself, it’s not the end yet

If you saw my head nod, I’m obviously the undead

‘If you repeat yourself in production

You’re a consummate professional

Yet as a poet you’re a plagiarist’

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