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If They Tell You to Straighten Out, Tell Them to Go to Hell

Posted in poetry with tags , , on July 17, 2017 by malartart

I daren’t cough

         Not with your cock in my mouth

I shall not covet my brother’s wife

                I will just vote their party out

This is not an apocalypse or a dystopia

           Growing from the ground

Its body parts rejuvenating with a subtle change of mind

        A fight’s a fight whether you’re wrong or right

Whether with fisticuffs or M16s

                 Black knuckles punch above their weight

Whilst spitting bullets go whistling by

                  This is the ear my neighbour slit

                 Because of no training and the DTs

         He takes another swig of Long Island Iced Tea

                Whilst wishing down a well for small mercies

           So, do not cover your bleeding lip with a neckerchief

Stop bending over backwards to accommodate their vision

               Just stand up firm, look at them in their eyes

And try and be straight with them if you can

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