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Posted in poetry with tags , , , on July 12, 2018 by malartart

only hope will let you down

karma’s not coming back around

promises won’t be kept

helping others remains a debt

revenge is but a dream

just a wish writ obscene

here and now is not a time

the past & future can’t align

carrying goals is a dead weight

no such thing as fortune or fate

                      tomorrow’s bygone

                        defeat at the dawn

                   cut off from the start

only hope can break your heart


There Are No More Photos Left Of You                             

Posted in poetry with tags , , , on October 14, 2017 by malartart

                        when you’re young, lust is enough

                                              kick off your shoes

                                                    a tambourine bangs below

                                                in for a pizza-pie, in for a pound

                            half’a kiss & tell and twenty mins of scream & shout

                           like in a speak & spell, worked her right back down

                                from rock bottom to 7up to the Pepsi Challenge

                                    but a line’a Coke’s just not enough

                                          worn down on Guinness for lunch

                                             worn in metal shirt, worn out metal shit

              she was shy as a broken button

                         but camera ready as hell

                                    sad to see back then

                                                    no Facebook


                                                               or Instagram

                                                             to remember her with

                             thunder in my heart, white lightning in my veins

second date way before the first

                               third an’ forth were in reverse

two years and I would be drunk on dysfunction

                        flannel and fabric, sluice from my mouth

                                         Mitchell self-drove north every night

                        in the morning I rolled further south

                                        too far in the middle ages now

              she was shy as a broken button

                         but camera ready as hell

                                    sad to see back then

                                                    no Facebook


                                                               or Instagram

                                                          to remember who you were

                                                   and maybe who you would come to be

                                                   because the attic of my mind

                                                          burned down to the ground

                                       and now there’s no more photos left of you

2 Forward, 3 Back

Posted in poetry with tags , , on June 10, 2017 by malartart

                  documents leaked

        mopped up deceit

tell on me

             talk liberally

speak formally

            behind shirt sleeves

  converse conservatively

                        know your place


             labour under

                         the misapprehension

              of moving to the centre



Virtual Vultures

Posted in poetry with tags , , , , on March 27, 2017 by malartart

The lamb only learns when it is loved from a distance

When cradled in arms, feeling cranky to calm

-Zyklon B to embalmed-

It forgets that it knows it ever existed in an instant

I don’t know who I am

I don’t where this is

I don’t know who you all are

But I’m beginning get the gist

I believe finite memory is more

And timeless is less

The mundane middle of Monday

Is where Friday finishes with a written test

But it’s a vexing mess that has no respect

Turns up ending with a blood splattered rest

I am my own Ministry of Militia

A bible basher with a bulletproof vest

Putting words together in new found forms

More real than reality itself

Stravinsky’s riot did me proud

M.C.’s bread is dipped in some funky mould

How dare you sow the seeds of the apocalypse!!

That’s the last job on my to-do list

Wasabi’s buck shot peppering, splits open new tins of green paint

Spraying nuance and subtly

Over a canvas of obviousness

Unique, original and never seen before

Are the curse words of the new generation

Picking like a virtual vulture over past digital corpses

So, gimme sum theeng new


Just leave me hangin’

Take a leap of faith with the future of us all

Or just

Bang the final nail into my compos mentis coffin

Hot Dog

Posted in poetry with tags , , , on July 13, 2016 by malartart

 An iris explodes

  The universe in danger

A one-man cure

     Love is a weapon

Switch on the light

            You’re in the right room


Flossing teeth with razor wire

     Never be near

                Never be near the right flavour

The one-goal that allows for steam to release

              god—damn—that’s blown it

                            Hang Fire

                     Hot Dawg!!!

                   Spectacular speculation

       Cant remove the lid without your help

              Twist, twist, twist- then I give up

Burning in the bush, twigs smoke

           Getting uncomfortable to lie back now

Kneel forward & pray for help

            Until you’re sick as a new born pup

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